8 October 2021

On Friday 08/10/2021 at competition venue from 20:00 until 21:00 will be possible to conduct registration for competition – pay starting fee, but ticket for public, get a number – if you were unable to print it and get support in online registration that has to be done via link provided in the email.

The same will be possible to do at the day of competition, but we highly recommend this to be done on Friday, if possible, to avoid queues on Saturday/Sunday.

Payments: 40 eur or 180 zł for couple for one WDSF category / 20 eur or 70 zł for one other category

Tickets for public: 10 euro / 40 zł for 1 person

The email that you have received after registration explains important steps to be done:

When you will submit short heath survey, then please proceed to COMPETITOR PANEL which looks like this: