Recommendations and safety rules for the public and competitors

Before visit Poland, please check the newest regulations in relation to COVID19:

The tournament is held in accordance with “wytycznymi do organizacji zawodów sportowych Federacji Tańca Sportowego podczas trwania epidemii” positively assessed by the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate. The organizers make every effort to ensure that the event takes place with a beautiful arrangement and an unforgettable atmosphere, but above all in safe conditions.

In rules you can read all applicable rules for tournament guests and players. We would like to remind you about the most important for the audience:

  • Online ticket purchase only
  • Viewers with flu-like symptoms will not be admitted to the event area
  • Viewers who have had contact with someone infected with COVID-19 in the last 14 days are not allowed to enter the event area
  • In a sports hall, the spectator must cover his mouth and nose until he takes a seat and while moving around in the sports facility until he is seated.
  • The audience will be able to occupy no more than 50% of the seats provided for them in the halls and sports halls in accordance with the following rules: every second seat in the audience, alternately in rows. In the TOP DANCE OPEN competition venue 1500 seats will be available for public
  • Social distance min. 1.5 meters

More information in relation to COVID19 restrictions in Poland you can read here.